Packaging machines construction - minerals | Arodo

Other minerals

Manual application
Individual bags
Up to 200 bags/hour
Packaging machine - individual bags, manual | Arodo
Compact filling line
Individual bags
Up to 600 bags/hour
Packaging machine - compact filling line for individual bags | Arodo
Sack application with optional labelling and printing facility
Individual bags
Up to 1200 bags/hour
Packaging machine - optional labelling and printing of bags | Arodo
Complex labelling & printing unit
Individual bags
Up to 800 bags/hour
Packaging machine - extensive labelling and printing of bags | Arodo
Side transport
Tubular film
Up to 1,000 bags/hour
Bag filling machine - lateral outfeed | Arodo
AROVAC 100% closed bags
Vacuum packing
AROVAC400 – 400 bags/hour average and AROVAC500 – 500 bags/hour average
Bag vacuuming station - Arovac | Arodo
AROLAB venting bags
Bag vacuuming station
Up to 550 bags/hour
Bag vacuuming station - Arolab | Arodo
Custom made individual
Individual bags
Capacity: Depending on application
Bag filling machine - individual bags custom-made | Arodo
Up to 1,300 bags/hour
DSE palletiser | Arodo
Up to 2,200 bags/hour
DSD palletiser | Arodo
GRS Semi-automatic
Up to 550 bags/hour
GRS semi-automatic palletiser | Arodo
GRS automatic
Up to 550 bags/hour
GRS automatic palletiser | Arodo
Up to 1,200 bags/hour
GR palletiser | Arodo
Stretch hooder standard
Capacity: up to 70 pallets/hour
Stretch hooder - standard | Arodo
Stretch hooder with options
Met opties
Capacity: up to 70 pallets/hour
Stretch hooder - with options | Arodo

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