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Packaging machines with service (and technical know-how)

Grosspack is the company of Erwin Gross, and can boast 40 years of technical know-how in the packaging industry. Erwin started his career in a technical position before moving to sales. For 20 years he has been assisting his customers with packaging solutions from Arodo, particularly in the agriculture, feed and food sectors and recently also in construction.

“It is often no easy matter for companies to find technical personnel in Austria”, explains Erwin. “Customers appreciate our thorough technical knowledge. A fault, a new part or a completely new machine… we come up with the solution and guide them from A to Z.”

And just like us, Grosspack also offers packaging solutions according to requirements. Erwin does not just sell packaging machines, but ‘machines with service’. 

The call to Arendonk

Once a project starts to take shape, you will often find Erwin in Arendonk with an Austria customer. “I always score there”, says Erwin. “The workshop, the team and obviously the packaging lines under construction always leave a very positive impression on customers. As for myself, it feels like coming home, and after so many years I obviously know a lot of the people. It has always been an enjoyable time together with Arodo.”

The projects completed are there for all to see. One example is a recent order at the Garant animal feed concern. We built different bagging machines and palletisers for them. At Lasselsberger Group (construction) we supplied a custom-made machine for packaging polystyrene beads in bags. The order book is also looking nicely filled for the coming months, including a bagging machine for RWA and Likra. Engineering and production are looked after by colleagues in Arendonk, while Grosspack itself takes responsibility for installation, service and support. Everything happens in close consultation.

Indeed: ‘Kompetent Verpacken’ and Grosspack certainly deliver the goods.

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