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Creating added value as a mechanical engineer or programmer

Building custom-made packaging machines requires interaction between all departments. As soon as the customer’s wishes and requirements have been defined, mechanical engineering and programming take on an important role.

“It is our task to enable each machine to go into mechanical production”, explains Jeroen. “Our job is very wide-ranging. Parts of our work include the functional design and development of machines, putting machine parts and products in a 3D construction drawing, entering technical data in the product data management system, standardisation, value engineering, etc. A mechanical engineer also assists with development and must have attention to detail. It all comes down to optimally refining each product and thinking out of the box to provide better solutions. The nice thing about all this is that a mechanical engineer at Arodo then sees the creations actually working in the factory. The feedback from ‘the field’ also comes through the technicians. That is a big advantage. The pursuit of internal efficiency is also an important cornerstone. We do indeed make custom-made machines, but a mechanical engineer must watch over the standardisation of a part or certain package from the Arodo range. Then there are the deadlines: they are sacrosanct.” 

“The mechanical choices we make go hand in hand with the programming”, continues Wim. “Our software engineers study aspects including the mechanical drawings, machine specifications and electrical diagrams. We can then write programs for the PLCs, displays, controllers, etc. that control the packaging machines. We offer support from the testing to start-up phase, and when the product is brought into operation at the customer. So the responsibility of the software engineer does not end with programming, and that is extremely important. You also learn something new every day. We dispose of high technology work equipment, but it can still be the case that the customer comes up with something new. We figure it out and provide the technological link between the customer and the machine.”

Constantly developing

Technology and software in the packaging sector are constantly evolving. It is logical that the engineers and programmers at Arodo continually receive further training in mechanics, electrics and in the field of programming. Industry 4.0, more far-reaching digitisation and automation in machine building… keeping expertise up to scratch in these quickly evolving times is one of the top priorities.

“We also do all we can to get new colleagues settled in as smoothly as possible”, says Wim. “A trainee recently started work at programming and will shortly be joining us permanently. The short familiarisation period suits everyone, and trainees are more than welcome to get to know our company better.”

“You are given every attention at Arodo”, says Jeroen. “There is plenty of space to develop yourself. I started in 2000 and am very grateful for the development opportunities I have been given. Each job starts with initiative and taking responsibility, and you then create opportunities yourself.”

Everything but an office job

There is much on the go in a job as a mechanical or software engineer, literally and figuratively. You certainly aren’t stuck to your seat. As a mechanical engineer you also go on-site to fine-tune the technical aspects. As a programmer you work at your desk (preparations), at the factory and at the customer. Your main workplace is obviously still Arendonk. It’s working at high level at home and abroad, not everyone can say that.

“But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, concludes Jeroen. “A drink or outing with colleagues is also often highly enjoyable. The work itself is good, the team spirit and salaries are excellent… do not hesitate, and make sure you keep an eye on our vacancies for mechanical engineers.”

“It certainly has been busy this past year”, adds Wim. “More and more new projects are coming in, and we are always in search of motivated and experienced software engineers to further support our growth.” 

Curious about how it all works? Just contact Arodo. You’re always welcome!

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