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Investment in sustainable, digital operation

The idea of working fully digitally is not a new one. Before, all assembly drawings were printed and saved in a folder with parts list, etc. The system worked well, but paper waste and the time needed to work in such a way meant operations were not optimal.

Considering all parts lists for the modules to be assembled are available in our ERP system, we used this as a data source to supplement the digital assembly files with 3D models for assembly and the relevant files for work preparation. These files are conveniently brought together for each machine and module and made centrally available for our technicians. Our team can open them at the digital workplace in the production hall with the 3D-viewer.

We started with 2 test setups, and after several days the technicians involved appeared to be extremely enthusiastic. After the pilot the other 20 workplaces were also provided with screens. Working paperlessly and digitisation may be small steps on the pathway to sustainable business, but we continue to invest further.

Momentum for quality and efficiency

One major added value is that our technicians can put all the information needed for the assembly of the module and complete machine on the screen. This includes the 3D-models, work instructions and photographic material. Another advantage is that you can rotate 3D-assemblies, create cross-sections, display various views, zoom in, conceal parts and add text blocks that the drawing office can use to subsequently make adaptations. There is a guide for each machine but it can be adapted for each project.

“The digitisation of assembly offers many advantages that certainly raise quality and quantity to an even higher level. The assembly team was internally trained by our foremen and senior technicians. They then each started working independently as they saw fit at their own discretion. Production is also faster”, according to Roger Roijmans, assembly and test centre team manager. With more than 28 years' service and thorough knowledge of production and service at Arodo, he knows what he is talking about. He is leading this digitisation and is always in search of ways to even further improve quality. The digital world is evolving quickly, and we continue to follow the trends to carry on playing a pioneering role in the sector.

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