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Vilofoss asked Arodo to design a new packaging system within the context of the modernisation and expansion of its production capacity. The system also had to include a bagging installation and a palletiser, with the necessary conveyor belts and a connection to an automatic transport system for pallets from and to the warehouse.
Vilofoss already uses Arodo bag filling machines and palletisers in all its production departments. Good experience from the past – ranging from advice to the aftersales service at all establishments working with Arodo – was the decisive factor in also joining forces with Arodo for this project.

State-of-the-art technology – a stunning capacity increase

Installing the new equipment on the available surface area was a challenge. After surveying and analysing the conditions on-site, Arodo undertook different planning phases to design a new custom-made installation in close consultation with the customer. The result was a complete concept that satisfied each and every requirement. 
The weighing and dosing technology used allows fast cleaning of the product lines without any residues. This guarantees product changes without any risk of contamination. With a product change the new process is controlled by production at a higher level. After completion of the production order there is automatic confirmation of its successful conclusion. Then the whole production process is certain to be documented. 
The Arodo bag sealing system has considerably improved the quality of the closures. The appearance and styling of the packaging have also been enhanced. The new bagging technology also offers a capacity increase of 20%, and this with just one operator.

Cooperation for a win-win situation

The result of the new investment? Visually improved and 100% clean packaging. Vilofoss now also enjoys total availability due to the higher capacity. This availability can also be guaranteed for the company in the long term thanks to the service contract with Arodo. So, a fine conclusion to the project, with absolute customer satisfaction as result. Arodo has in the meantime been given the green light for the construction of a complete installation at another Vilofoss site.

Capacity increase with a new packaging installation? We will be pleased to offer advice!


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