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Stimulating responsibility in machine building
The responsibility lies in testing and keeping our installations operational on location at the customer. So this is a crucial task that goes with constant further training for the team of twelve. They are always armed with the latest know-how, tireless effort and the drive to provide our customers with an optimal service.

The first capacity test (Factory Acceptance Test) of the packaging machines takes place at our test location in Arendonk, usually in the presence of the customer. This is followed by installation on-site by ourselves or an external partner. Then our service technicians come into action. They fine-tune the appliances for the specific speed and situation at the customer. A wide range of parameters is examined: communication with other machines, product supply, data systems… After bringing the machines into use, the all-round service technicians explain to the operators how they can get down to work on-site. Then comes the ultimate test in the form of an extra capacity test, the Site Acceptance Test.

A permanent service without limits
A customer base spread worldwide obviously also means long trips for our technicians. Technician Twan Huijbregts was recently in Romania as an example. In this case the customer did not attend the first tests in Arendonk; a short film soon brought him up to speed. Twan took responsibility for the local start-up. These types of international missions are no exception. For another customer our service technicians travel to places ranging from Rotterdam to India and Colombia.

Another important aspect of this job is being on stand-by. Our customers cannot afford to have long stoppages so we must offer permanent availability. Accordingly, technician Marc Leemans is available 24/24 as a maintenance technician. Because if the fault cannot be remedied by telephone or through the eWON industrial router, Marc or a fellow service technician will proceed on-site.

Flexibility keeps us on our toes
The ideal service technician is customer-friendly, competent and a problem-solver with a good understanding of software and electromechanics. This is a very specific profile but thanks to our comprehensive in-house training, people with the right potential acquire all the necessary skills. The basic condition remains a real passion for technology.

It is a demanding job and the working hours are intense. That is exactly why independence and flexibility are crucial. At Arodo we strive to reward long foreign ‘missions’ as well as possible. Then Twan and Marc can still make up the time missed with their families, or get back to their hobbies such as tractor pulling and vintage cars.

This balance is the key to the constant high quality of their work as service technicians; an instructive, independent and enriching job in which you clearly see the added value from the machines performing optimally and the satisfied look on the customer’s face.

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