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Largest suspended blasting machine in Europe

Allco has been a specialist in the surface treatment of metal (more widely known as powder-coating) for nearly 30 years. The team processes all sorts of large products for various sectors, from lorry cab and chassis to machine frames and metal constructions. They are happy to rise to any challenge at Allco. The company’s name is indeed an abbreviation of ‘all coatings’. Knowledge, problem-solving capacity and versatile machinery go hand in hand there. Parts arriving are first blasted to remove any grease before being finished with a layer of powder-coating. This is paint in powder form, where no water or solvent is involved, being applied as a 1, 2, 3 or even 4 coat system as the customer wishes. One notable aspect is that Allco has the largest suspended blasting machine in Europe.

“This installation can coat products up to 17 metres-long, 3.5 m wide and 3.5 metres tall”, explains Jules Mariën, director at Allco. “That means that we can act quickly and flexibly in meeting the needs of our customers. With an automatic blasting installation of this size you can also reach almost any part of large and complicated constructions. The installation has 16 blasting cabins each with a capacity of 18 kW. The first part is fully automatic, with the second part used to touch up parts with any shadow effects.”

Sustainable quality

The materials at Allco are perfected and made resistant to anything. Sustainability and quality are of prime importance, just as at Arodo. We already joined up with Allco as partners in the initial years. Jules once worked with us as a powder-coater, but he soon built up an enviable reputation with his specialisation and secured other customers. Allco built a new industrial building opposite Arodo some 20 years ago. Handy, just across the street.

“The quality of the finished product, the appearance and delivery reliability of Allco are very important to us”, concludes Marianne Fiers, director at Arodo. “Another benefit is that they know our machines and parts through and through and can respond to our needs at speed. I see our cooperation continuing just as successfully for many years.”

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